Property & Construction Industry

ConstructionPeople who work in the property & construction industry face its own unique set of challenges, especially during expansion. Being on top of billing and collecting cash from customers, taking on new subbies, investing in equipment or a new van can mean that cash gets tight.

We can:

  • monitor your cash to make you aware of where you might have issues in the future
  • minimise tax so you have more available cash during expansion or in lean times
  • do your book-keeping on a regular basis so you don’t get a shock when your tax bill comes in and you don’t have enough set by for it
  • prepare accounts and returns for HMRC and Companies House so you have more free time to run your business
  • administer the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), completing your monthly / annual returns and paperwork
  • review whether you can be a gross payer for CIS purposes so no tax is deducted from your sales invoices
  • check your employment status with any contractors you do regular work for (sometimes known as an IR35 review)

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